Church on Sunday

We would love to see you at one of our Sunday services. We currently have two services every Sunday: traditional holy communion at 8am and our main family service at 10am. This page explains what happens at each service, and answers some questions you may have about coming to church at St John's. Absolutely everyone is welcome at any of our services.

Sunday Services

8am - Communion

This is our most traditional service, using the prayer book. It is a quiet reflective service, with no music, a short sermon and Holy Communion every other week. Around 15 to 20 people attend on most Sundays. The service lasts up to an hour.

10am - Family Service

morning serviceA lively service for the whole church family - people of all ages attend, not just young families. The church will be busy and we're not worried if your children make some noise. There's a creche and activities for children. During school term-time, there are a full range of Sunday School classes. During holidays there'll be family services with a children's talk. Everyone comes to church together and the children leave for their classes after the service begins.

Words for songs and hymns are projected on a large screen.

The service lasts up to an hour and a half. All-age services are shorter. Tea & coffee is served after the service and there's plenty of time to chat and get to know people - we don't rush home!

You can also take part in our 10am service online via our YouTube channel. There is a small area in church reserved for people who wish to have a bit more space.

7pm - Rooted

Our new evening service, which runs in term time only. Rooted is an opportunity to look at a variety of issues relevant to our lives. Check the notices for dates.

Coming to Church - Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel most comfortable wearing. There'll be a wide range from jeans & t-shirts to suits & ties.

What happens when I arrive?

You'll be greeted with a friendly smile and someone (we call them the Welcome Team) will hand you a notice sheet. If you need help finding a seat one of the Welcome Team will show you to the best place. If you have any special requirement such as needing space for a wheelchair, again we're to happy help.

What if my baby or child makes a noise?

We are a family-oriented church and we always welcome children and realise they will make some noise! However, if you feel uncomfortable or if he or she is very noisy during the sermon you can use a room that has the service relayed through on a TV screen (a Welcome Team member will show you). Alternatively, we always run a creche during our 10am service.

Can I take Communion?

If you are a committed Christian then you are welcome to take communion, whatever your denomination.

We are currently receiving communion using sealed individual cups that contain non-alcoholic wine and a wafer. This is under review.

Will there be a collection?

During the services, no collection is taken. We are grateful for contributions to the work of the church, but don’t want you to feel under pressure to give. There is a plate at the back of church for donations. 

Are there toilets?

Yes, in the Church Extension, at the back of main church building. In the Church Centre there are also toilets. Someone will point you in the right direction if you ask. We also have baby-changing facilities in both buildings.

What about COVID?

There is an area reserved at the 10am service where seating is a little moer socially distanced (we call this the Side Chapel). Space is limited in this area, but please ask a member of the Welcome Team to guide you.

Help for disabled people?

We have a hearing aid loop and large print service sheets & Bibles are available on request. The church is accessible for people in wheelchairs (through the main glass front doors). In a Communion service, the bread and wine will be brought to those unable to come to the front. There are disabled toilets in both our buildings.

Contacting us

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