Updated 3rd April 2022: lateral flow tests no longer freely available

Everyone is welcome to join us in the building, but please note the following guidelines:

  • don't come to church if you have COVID or suspect you have COVID
  • we continue to recommend wearing a mask when entering and leaving the building
  • you will be offered hand sanitiser on arrival - please take advantage of it
  • there are up to three seating zones in church. The Welcome Team will guide you to the zone of your choice on arrival
    • 10am Morning Service
      • Zone 1 - masks are not required but can be worn if you wish - this is the right side of the main church (the chancel)
      • Zone 2 - masks are optional, but recommended, including when singing - this is the left side of the main church and the extension
      • Zone 3 - an area where masks are compulsory and seating is socially distanced. Zone 3 is the side chapel and space is limited.
    • 8am Holy Communion or Morning Worship
      • The whole church is classified as Zone 1 for this service
  • apart from in Zone 3, seating is not socially distanced
  • the building will be appropriately ventilated and the air quality monitored by CO2 meter

In general, we must treat each other with love and consideration. As much as is possible, we must recognise and respect different attitudes and concerns.

Please also read below for advice on COVID testing and symptoms.

Please do not come to church if:

  • You are testing positive for COVID
  • You have, or think you have, symptoms of COVID

The recommendations on what to do if you test positive are explained on this NHS webpage.

If you can't come to church, you can take part in our service at 10am via our YouTube channel. A link to the next service is always on our homepage from midweek onwards.

Contacting us

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