Family History Research

There has been a church on the St John’s site since 1824, and many families have connections with our parish. We are pleased to help with your genealogical research.
If you are looking for information on people who may have been baptised here or buried in our churchyard we can help with searches. We currently hold registers of burials from 1896 and baptisms from 1997. As with most archives there are statutory fees which apply as detailed below. These are set nationally and not by the local church.

Searches are carried out by our verger, and only by appointment. To make an appointment, please contact the church office.

Please note: we do not make any charge for help finding recent graves where the intention is to mourn a loved one.

For information on baptisms prior to 1997 and burials prior to 1896, please contact the Cheshire Archives and Local Studies Service.

Charges are as follows:

Search type Fee
Searching registers of baptism or burials, including the provision of one copy of any entry therein (see Note below) £34 for first hour, then £34 for each subsequent hour or part hour
Each additional copy of an entry in a register of baptism or burials £17

Note: The search fee relates to a particular search where the approximate date of the baptism or burial is known. The fee for a more general search of a church register is negotiable.

All fees must be paid when the searches are conducted, by cheque payable to The PCC of St John the Baptist.

Contacting us

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